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Ruby Inside ( The semi-official blog associated with this book, but also the most often updated, central blog for Ruby- and Rails-related announcements, along with occasional editorial and tutorial posts. PlanetRubyOnRails ( An automatic aggregator of many of the top Ruby and Rails weblogs. Ruby on Rails podcast ( Although it isn t strictly a blog, the Ruby on Rails podcast is a regular presentation of audio programs related to both Ruby and Rails, produced by Geoffrey Grosenbach. RubyCorner ( A site that automatically posts links to the latest posts from Ruby and Rails blogs. Unlike Planet Ruby on Rails, Ruby Corner only provides quick links to each blog post, rather than republishing them in full. Riding Rails ( The official blog for Ruby on Rails, updated by several core Rails developers along with Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson. This blog focuses on sporadic announcements of interesting uses or deployments of Rails, along with new Rails features. The Unofficial Ruby on Rails Blog ( An unofficial blog attempting to cover the full gamut of Ruby on Rails topics.

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4. The sorted function can, in fact, be used on any other iterable object. You learn more about iterable objects in 9.

The fact that PowerPoint would play an important role in this trial was a sign not only of how much the software has changed many professions but also of the increasingly high-stakes contexts in which it is used. If you re like many people, you see PowerPoint mostly in the context of selling products or teaching information, but increasingly, the most senior members of organizations use this software tool to communicate the most important work they do. CEOs commonly use PowerPoint today to decide company strategy, consultants use it to recommend restructuring organizations, lobbyists use it to in uence legislation, and executives use it to build important relationships. Based on what the plaintiff and defendant had at stake in this trial, today s courtroom presentation was about as high-stakes as a PowerPoint presentation can get.

RedHanded ( why the lucky stiff, author of this book s foreword, blogs at RedHanded, covering exciting new Ruby developments and numerous advanced topics. RedHanded is not a generalist blog, but one packed with humor, wit, and an eclectic range of Ruby knowledge. Yukihiro Matsumoto ( A blog from the creator of Ruby himself, Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto. The blog is in Japanese, although you can run it through BabelFish or Google Translate to get the basic gist. Some Ruby users read the blog simply for the code examples. Pat Eyler: On Ruby ( A blog about general Ruby topics and things that take the interest of Pat Eyler. This blog is great for its many interviews and detail on topics. Loud Thinking ( The blog from the creator of Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson. Posts are infrequent, but are usually related to the future of Rails, making it a popular read nonetheless. eigenclass ( A blog by Ruby guru Mauricio Fernandez focusing on particularly advanced Ruby topics. has_many :through ( Josh Susser, a popular commentator and writer about Ruby on Rails, blogs here. err.the_blog ( A blog by PJ Hyett and Chris Wanstrath presenting regular tutorials, hints, and tips relevant to both Ruby and Rails.

A forum is a site that acts as an online discussion system. You make posts to which other users can respond with comments, making forums ideal for discussing topics, sharing code, and having debates of all kinds. comp.lang.ruby newsgroup ( comp.lang.ruby is a Usenet newsgroup you can access through any Usenet server, or on the Web via Google Groups. comp.lang.ruby FAQ ( Frequently asked questions, and their answers, about the Ruby newsgroup.

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